Vari Bass Ultra

Vari Bass Ultra

Vari Bass Ultra
  • Main Info
    Dimensions (L×H×W): 600 x 370mm (diameter) / 23.6’’ x 14.5’” (diameter) / Maximum height after tuning: around 890mm / 35"
    Raw Material: Polyurethane Foam, MDF with High-Pressure Laminate, foam covered with grey fabric.
    Scratch Resistance: No
    Washable: No
    • Performance
      Functionality: Bass Trap
      Absorption Frequency Range: Low Frequencies Aborption
    • Packaging Information
      Units/Box: 2
      Box Dimensions (L×H×W): 785 x 415 x 600mm / 30.9'' x 16.3'' x 23.6''
      Box Gross Weight: 18.6kg
    • Installation
      Installation: Manually assembled - no tools required
      Place: Corners

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