F303 pair - Walnut  - Fyne Audio

F303 pair - Walnut - Fyne Audio

F303 pair - Walnut  - Fyne Audio
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The flagship of the F300 Series is an impressive floorstanding loudspeaker capable of huge scale dynamics and highly detailed top-end articulation. Featuring two potent 150mm (6”) mid/bass drivers and a 25mm polyester dome tweeter, it delivers an authoritative performance with power and passion. High output levels and an easy-to-drive load make the F303 suitable for a wide range of home entertainment amplifiers and applications. Employing a D’Appolito driver configuration and positioning the tweeter centrally between the two bass and midrange drivers provides a smooth dispersion characteristic through the critical crossover region. The sweet spot is widened, resulting in enhanced musical performance on or off the loudspeaker’s main axis. Perfect for hi-Fi or home theater, the F303 floorstanding speaker won’t disappoint.

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