Fyne Audio 301 Bookshelf

Fyne Audio 301 Bookshelf

Fyne Audio 301 Bookshelf
Walnut finishes/demo

The F301 is an ideal choice for smaller listening environments, offering a compact design that can be used as a standmount or bookshelf speaker. It stands out for its versatility and superior performance in its category. As a stereo pair for Hi-Fi systems, the F301 shines, delivering powerful bass and the detailed sound quality typically found in more expensive models. Its capability to handle high power makes it a great fit for home theater setups, where its ease of driving and robust bass response match well with a variety of AV amplifiers and receivers.

Please note that the dimensions provided for the bookshelf model include the grille, terminals, and any plinth, but do not account for the feet. For the floorstand model, the dimensions cover the grille, terminals, and plinth, but spikes are not included. The dimensions for the subwoofer take into account the feet.

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